Is Jacksonville, FL a nice palce to live?

Question: Basically, is the area a good relocation area. As far as jobs, neighborhoods and just overall living?

Answer:  Jacksonville FL is in all honesty a great place to live.

Location: Overall Jax is a pretty culturally diverse city. Unlike Orlando and Miami it tends to cater to the needs of the residents of Jacksonville instead of the tourists from other places. Sure it get’s HOT but what you gonna do, its FLORIDA. Besides Jacksonville is many many degrees cooler than any city further down south.

Neighborhoods: I was raised in Jax for a while. The community is pretty closely knitted and a great place to raise a family. Schools are great and some If you do your research have been nationally awarded as some of the best.

Jobs: Their are many jobs in Jacksonville. Most of them requiring little “experience” after they’ve seen what sort of college youv’e gone through and prior careers. The city has lots of technology and factory production. Not to mention NASJAX the military base located their.

What are Some Good Colleges in FL?

What are some good colleges in Florida?


Well, there are 11 state universities.

University of Florida, I’m pretty sure you have heard of this one, is the best academically (so they say) in Florida. Best sports teams basically, and despite being the most challenging and best academically, they are a huge party school aswell. Smart yet party people.

Then there are there rivals Florida State University. Basically UF’s little brother. They are good in academics aswell and sports.

I’ll just list all the colleges and you can look them all up. I’ll be going to Florida Atlantic University and the campus is great and near the beach and nice people and good academically too. They are just overshadowed by UF, FSU, UM (Univ. of Miami), UCF etc. They are growing to be one of the best.

Here are the 11 state colleges

University of North Florida
University of South FLorida
University of Tampa
Florida Gulf Coast University
Florida State University
University of Florida
Florida Atlantic University
University of West Florida
New College of Florida (a very challenging yet very small school. it’s like a mini ivy league school unofficial. just hard to get into and good academics)
University of Central Florida
University of Miami (private school so it’s expensive but the Miami-Dade county loves them and south florida)
Florida International University

also Nova South Eastern University. However it’s private so it’s expensive.

There are other colleges and universities but those 11 stand out from the rest.

What’s it like in Jacksonville, FL?

Question: I’m researching it because my parents plan on relocating there with work and I don’t know what to expect. Is this a fortunate thing or not? Can i expect a HUGE change from Fairfield County, CT? Is it country where people have country accents? Is there a lot to do for an 18 year old?

Answer: Jacksonville is a working class city, but with many on the same amenities as a South FL resort town. If you like the beach (fishing, surfing, sunbathing, etc) you’ll love it here. Boating is big here. We have good sporting events (NFL Jaguars, minor league baseball, etc). Two very good universities (Univ. of N. FL and Jacksonville Univ). Being an older guy, I have lived in Texas, Michigan, New Jersey, Alabama and Virginia, but Jacksonville, by far, is the best place we’ve ever lived. Being a northerner myself, I don’t think the accents are all that strong here. I would expect it to be considerably different from CT, but all in a good way. Oh, by the way…you’ll love the winters!

Remembering Jacksonville FL: By the Wayside American Chronicles

I just saw this posted.  What a great book about Jacksonville.

Remembering Jacksonville (FL): By the Wayside (American Chronicles (History Press))

  • Used Book in Good Condition
As longtime residents and newcomers alike can agree, Jacksonville holds within its city limits wonderful places to grow, play and contemplate the beauty of north Florida. This entertaining collection of Dorothy Fletcher s 'By the Wayside' columns will help you remember what it was like to see the world and Jacksonville with a sense of wonder and enthusiasm. From Marineland to the Soul Searchers to Peterson's 5 & 10, Remembering Jacksonville captures this coastal community's glory days, including fond recollections from local citizens who responded to the original columns.

List Price: $ 19.99 Price: $ 11.00

Growing Up Jacksonville: A ’50s & ’60s River City Childhood (FL) (The History Press)

Growing Up Jacksonville: A '50s & '60s River City Childhood (FL) (The History Press)

  • Used Book in Good Condition
Jacksonville during the '50s and '60s was a wonderful and energetic place for the children who called it home. The northeast corner of the Sunshine State was the perfect and picturesque backdrop for some of America's timeless traditions. Mothers belonged to garden clubs and fathers played the golf links, while the children who grew up in Jacksonville frolicked on the warm beaches and fed peanuts to Miss Chic, the first elephant at the Jacksonville Zoo. They strapped on skates and held hands as they circled the rink of the famous Skateland, wandered down the stacks at Haydon Burns Library and crossed the many bridges that traversed Jacksonville's waterways. Join Dorothy Fletcher, former columnist for the Florida Times-Union, as she recounts the memories and adventures of the people who grew up Jacksonville.

List Price: $ 19.99 Price: $ 11.43

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